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New Pioneer Co-op Thank You January 10, 2007

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We at Local Foods Connection would like to start this brand new year by giving a heart-felt thank you to the thousand plus members of the New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City & Coralville who participated in the “Donate Your Dividend Check” program in 2006.

Local Foods Connection is a group of Iowa City community activists who donate fresh food to low-income families in Southeast Iowa. We purchase produce, bread, eggs, meat, and other products from local earth-friendly farms and donate these goods to families who cannot afford such healthy, tasty and fresh food.

Donation Box

2006 was a great year for us, as approximately 1,120 members of the New Pioneer Co-op donated to us cash, personal checks, and dividend checks, totaling over $14,600! In 2005, the New Pioneer Co-op Board of Directors conceived of the dividend check donation program, and 2006 was its second year running. Your donations accounted for nearly 60% of LFC’s 2006 income! Last year was so successful, the Co-op Board has decided to continue the program into 2007! Awesome community spirit everyone!

In addition to demonstrating widespread community support for LFC, your donations help the organization maintain its 501(c) 3 status. The IRS interprets a lot of small contributions, coming from a cross-section of people, as a sign that a nonprofit is playing a vital role in its community. In addition, your donations help with the Feinstein Foundation fundraising challenge. Every year, it divides $1 million among hunger fighting agencies nationwide. The more money a community donates to a nonprofit agency in the spring, the larger the Foundation’s donation to it will be.

Last year, your donations directly provided compensation for a 10 hour a week volunteer administrative assistant; a new computer, warranty and virus protection; walkie-talkies for farm work volunteers and a refridgerator to keep food fresh before transport.


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