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Volunteer & Sponsor of the Week August 3, 2007

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Volunteer of the Week:

Most of July 2007: Natalie Wilkerson. Natalie from the North Liberty Community Food Pantry is enrolled the Food Pantry in our program. She ensured the paperwork was filled out completely, picks up the shares, and sees to it that the food is distributed.

August 6, 2007: Willa Campbell. Willa has volunteered on a farm and in the office. She has also delivered food to a client and conducted lots of research.

Sponsor of the Week:

Most of July 2007: Surya Inc., in Fairfield. Surya made a financial donation to LFC.

August 6, 2007. Summit House, cooperative housing residence, in Iowa City. Summit House had a yard sale, and donated the proceeds to the members’ favorite nonprofits. Local Foods Connection was one of them!


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