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Client Response to Waging A Living August 14, 2007

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Below is a response written by a Local Foods Connection client after viewing the documentary “Waging a Living” by filmmaker Roger Weisberg. Learn more about the movie at the following link:


“Waging A Living” is a great reality check and I’ll share it with friends. The real time life stories of four individuals were compelling and beautiful in their earnest depictions of strength and determination. I was moved by the matter-of-fact courage each person demonstrated, in the act of revealing his or her economic and spiritual vulnerability. These are brave, honest people!

It was heartening to see my own experiences and those of close friends reflected in validated in this work of a compassionate filmmaker.

I was impressed that all four individuals were engaged in work they found meaningful and worthwhile, and each was skilled in his or her respective field. Yet no one was receiving just compensation, even as each persevered in employment as care-giver or service provider.

All four individuals were parents, and in three of the four cases, the majority of earning went directly toward shelter, food and complete care of their families, sometimes including grandchildren.

All four parents faced trying to support their families on a wage insufficient to adequately support themselves individually.

The system we currently live within employs an infrastructure that actively and intentionally undervalues and barely compensates the work performed by caregivers and service workers.

Seemingly without consciousness or conscience, commerce proceeds. Those at the top of the economic pyramid pretend they stand on moral high ground, while pursuing the BOTTOM-LINE. And those at the lower end of our capitalist society, inevitable struggle against impossible odds.


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