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What Would Jesus Buy? January 27, 2008

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Check out the Bijou Theater this week for “What Would Jesus Buy?” the latest documentary by Morgan Spurlock, the man who brought you “Super Size Me.”

Details follow from the Bijou Theater site:


Directed by Rob Van Alkamade
USA, 2007, 90 min | English

What Would Jesus Buy? Official Website | Trailer

From producer Morgan Spurlock (SUPERSIZE ME) and director Rob Van Alkemade comes this year’s must-see film. Part agitprop theater and part civil disobedience, WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY? is “a wickedly effective indictment of America’s consumer compulsion, our mindless shopping and the multinational corporations controlling it all” that intriguingly chronicles Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping’s attempts to combat consumerism, one person at a time (Chicago Tribune). Going around the country with a gospel choir of citizens on a mission to open people’s eyes to what they believe is a wasteland of consumerism without meaning, Reverend Billy takes aim at some of America’s biggest corporations.

“Much like Spurlock’s hit ‘Super Size Me,’ this production is slick, well-paced, and tremendously entertaining.” – Village Voice

Friday, January 25: 7:00
Saturday, January 26: 7:00
Sunday, January 27: 3:00
Monday, January 28: 9:00
Tuesday, January 29: 7:00
Wednesday, January 30: 9:00
Thursday, January 31: 7:00


One Response to “What Would Jesus Buy?”

  1. drew. Says:

    wow. this is the first place (and time) I have ever heard of this movie! you guys are breaking good news. i will help you spread the word.

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