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LFC June Newsletter June 9, 2008

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In case you didn’t receive the Local Foods Connection June Newsletter in your inbox, here it is! And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any more newsletters, you can subscribe to the LFC listserv by clicking here and including your subscriber info.

Dear Friends of Local Foods Connection:

1. Help Local Foods Connection by befriending one of our 2008 families
2. Donate to LFC with a click of a mouse
3. Send your news to LFC

1. Help Local Foods Connection by adopting one of our 2008 families!

You can provide a tremendous service to Local Foods Connection by volunteering
only a few hours a month! Please consider becoming part of the support system
for one of our client families this year. As a “Family Friend” volunteer,
you will be responsible for calling the family once a week. During the
conversation, you can:

-Remind them to pick up their CSA share or ask if they have picked up their CSA
-Ask if they recognize all the vegetables in the CSA share
-Ask if they need recipe ideas
-Provide them encouragement for completing any educational activities they have
-Be enthusiastic!

We need about 40 volunteers. You will be given a short training session. You
can volunteer from any location – home or school or wherever you have a phone
and a few minutes of time.

2. Donate to LFC with the click of a mouse

Would you make one extra click to provide fresh local food to low-income

More than 700 name-brand stores are now participating in GoodShop.com and will
donate to up to 30% of each purchase to the charity that you select. The next
time you buy a new pair of shoes, book, computer, birthday present, flowers,
plane ticket or just about anything else, go to GoodShop.com and then click
over to your favorite store.

Yes, it’s that easy! Go to www.goodshop.com. Verify “Local Foods
Connection” under “Who do you goodshop for?”

PS. And don’t forget to use GoodSearch.com the next time you search the
Internet. This Yahoo-powered search engine donates about a penny per search to
your favorite cause!

Go to www.goodsearch.com. Verify “Local Foods Connection” under “Who do
you goodsearch for?”

3. Send your news to LFC

If this email newsletter has made it to your inbox, that means that Local Foods
Connection has successfully registered with a new email subscription service
called “Electric Embers.” With this service, we hope to provide you with
regular news about LFC events and opportunities. If you would like to request
that we send a notice about your event or organization to our list, just send
it on to Laura’s attention.


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