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Prairie Brownie Troop #8715 at Sass Family Farm June 23, 2008

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Local Foods Connection arranged a field trip to Sass Family Farm in Riverside this past Saturday for Prairie Brownie Troop #8715 of the Cedar Rapids College Community School District. Ali Alldredge is the leader of the troop and brought several children to the farm along with their siblings, cousins and mothers.

brownie troop 8715

The brave and inquistive children ate fresh leaf lettuce taken straight from the plant, crushed dill stems in their fingers to release the aroma, and feed grain to pigmy goats. Maury Sass helped Laura Dowd give a tour of the farm to the Brownies, let them pet a baby rabbit, and roused two beautiful peacocks from their naps so that the children could see them. The children learned that male peacocks posses the amazing and colorful tail feathers so as to attract the attention of female peacocks.

brownie troop at sass family farm

The Prairie Brownie Troop has decided to volunteer for Local Foods Connection. This month they will be making small pots of herbs for each client, so that our families can experience growing food even if they don’t have a garden. Leader Ali Alldredge is also the web designer of the site: www.corridorlocavore.com. We are so glad Ali contacted us and look forward to working with the troop for years to come!


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