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LFC in Farmers’ Markets Today! …and Who Am I? July 18, 2008

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Local Foods Connection has been receiving lots of good press this summer. You may have read the blog post here about the LFC feature that appeared in Today’s Dietitian last month. This month, be sure to pick up a copy of the relatively new journal Farmers’ Markets Today for more information about LFC.

The Farmers’ Markets Today feature, entitled “Local Foods Connection Combats Hunger and Supports Small Farmers” was written by yours truly and points to the many linkages between Local Foods Connection, farmers’ markets, local farmers, and low-income individuals. We’re thrilled that the folks at Farmers’ Markets Today were interested in spreading the news of a program like LFC in their pages.

July/August Farmers' Markets Today

Speaking of “yours truly,” though, this seems like a good chance to offer a brief introduction.

We’ve realized that because Local Foods Connection is so closely connected to the work of Laura Dowd – and for good reason! – many of our readers assume that Laura maintains the LFC blog. While Laura does write occasional posts, she has wisely delegated this task to one of LFC’s many volunteers so that she can continue to focus on the millions of other tasks she has to accomplish on a weekly basis. And that volunteer happens to be me – Hello!

My name is Caroline Gottschalk-Druschke and I have been volunteering for Local Foods Connection for about a year now. I lived in Iowa City during the 1990s, but I actually heard about LFC when I was living in Chicago working on a PhD in rhetoric at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I was searching the Local Harvest database for CSAs in the Iowa City area, and I stumbled across the listing for Local Foods Connection.

Happily for me, but sadly for the world, LFC’s description made it stick out like a sore thumb! I had never heard of a program whose purpose was, as the LFC description explains, to “purchase[] produce, bread, eggs, meat and other products from local earth-friendly farms and donate[] these goods to families who cannot afford such nutritious, tasty and fresh food… With your support, we assist families in need of a helping hand, strengthen our local foods network and empower the farmers who live and work just outside of your neighborhood.”

Wow! I immediately contacted Laura and offered to help her in any way that I could. She invited me to take over the blog after that, which seemed like a natural fit since it didn’t require being on site.

That was back in November and now, some nine months later, I’m still posting to the blog, spreading the word about LFC, and planning a move back to Iowa! My husband, Drew, and I will be back in Iowa City at the end of this month, where I will begin working on my field-based dissertation about – not surprisingly – local food, food security, and sustainable agriculture. Keep your eyes open for a post about my dissertation and school work and how it relates to LFC and to you! More to come on that, but, for now, thank you for reading!


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