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‘A Cook’s Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland’ August 20, 2008

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We mentioned Devotay Chef Kurt Michael Friese’s new book ‘A Cook’s Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland’ in our last post, but we wanted to devote a little more time and space to it here. ‘A Cook’s Journey’ is a must have for any food lover in the Midwest – or outside of the Midwest for that matter. Friese weaves together beautiful photos, delicious recipes, and insightful narratives in this guide to the foods, farms, and people who shape (and are shaped by) the landscape of the Midwest.

If you don’t trust me, take a look at the star studded cast on the back cover of Friese’s book and hear what they’re saying about ‘A Cook’s Journey’:

”Chef Kurt Michael Friese has written a terrific introduction to the theory and practice of slow food.”
Michael Pollan, author, In Defense of Food

Slow Food in the Heartland will give great encouragement to the reader who cares about good food and enjoys sitting down to a convivial table. Kurt Friese has drawn a new portrait of the Heartland. These states are teaming with good cooks, fine producers and appreciative eaters who are turning their abilities and senses towards delicious foods and worthy traditions.”
Deborah Madison, author, Local Flavors, Cooking and Eating From America’s Farmers Markets

“Move over foodies from the West and East coasts! Chef Kurt Friese has found, in the honey-colored Heartland of America, some of the richest, most delicious and sustaining farming and food initiatives anywhere on the continent. With a chef’s discernment of terroir, a photographer’s eye for memorable images, and a storyteller’s ear for a good tale, Friese takes us with him on an odyssey to discover what is truly nourishing the lands and peoples of the Midwest. Join him in this culinary journey.”
Gary Paul Nabhan, author, Renewing America’s Food Traditions

“Kurt Friese’s lovely, compelling and ‘slow’ journey through the rich culinary heritage of our nation’s Heartland is one not to be missed. Whether you live in the Heartland yourself, or simply have a fascination with the surging local foods movement, you’ll enjoy this look into the food culture that is alive and well in the Heartland today.”
Tracey Ryder, President & CEO, Edible Communities, Inc.

“Artisanal techniques, sustainable practices—Slow Food in the Heartland offers delicious proof that these are not fancy new terms or culinary trends, but old-fashioned, Midwestern values. Through his honest and personal accounts, Chef Kurt Michael Friese introduces us to growers and artisans, chefs and advocates who not only put the heart in Heartland, but are also a driving force in the global Slow Food movement.”
Sherri Brooks Vinton, author, The Real Food Revival

A Cook’s Journey is enthusiastic and appetizing proof positive that the food of the Midwest is much more than acres of corn and covered dish. How many people know that some of America’s most beloved food traditions were born in and continue to thrive in the Heartland?
Friese’s charming portraits shine a light on these traditions and give insight into
the many farmers, artisans, cooks, purveyors and activists who are slowly but steadily making our food system more sustainable and delicious. Here’s a voice
that reminds us of the simple and deeply satisfying pleasures of the table, community, and pride of place.”
Erika Lesser, Executive Director, Slow Food USA

If you’re in the Iowa City area, head over to Prairie Lights to pick up your copy! Otherwise, head to your local bookseller for your very own ‘A Cook’s Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland.’

Happy reading and happy eating!



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