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LFC Newsletter September 8, 2008

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What’s new this week?  We’ll tell you!

1. Fundraising event for ZJ Farm

2. Vote Tuesday, September 9 in School Board election

3. Donate to Local Foods Connection online!

1. Fundraising event for ZJ Farm



French Dinner at Simone’s Plain & Simple

ZJ Farms Education Programs Fundraiser

Friday, Sept 12, 6:30 p.m.

Susan Jutz of ZJ Farm helped create the idea of Local Foods Connection along with Simone Delaty and Laura Dowd. Local Foods Connection buys vegetables CSA shares from Susan and bread & egg CSA shares from Simone for our clients.

Come enjoy an authentic French dinner in lovely country setting and support the Education Programs at ZJ Farms.  The ZJ Farms Education Programs offer hands-on experience and events that teach young people of all ages that value of land stewardship, nontraditional leadership and nutrition.  Education explorations include milking and petting the farm animals, hunts for vegetable in gardens, work projects to participate in farming experience, lessons on growing food from planting to harvest, leadership and community building training.

Tickets on sale now!

$45 for Slow Food Members/ $50 for non-Slow Food.

Slow Food is an international organization which promotes food that is:
-grown by farmers paid a fair wage,
-free of farm chemicals and dangerous processing chemicals, and
-tastes good and is good for your health.
Their motto is “Good, Clean, Fair.”

Call 621-2484 to reserve a seat.

2. VOTE! Tuesday September 9 is the School Board election.

Information on polling locations can be found at:


Information on candidates can be found at:


(You might have to scroll down the results page to find the school board candidates.)

3. Donate to Local Foods Connection on-line!



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