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The Daily Iowan Follows LFC to ZJ Farm September 15, 2008

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday, Laura and I headed out to ZJ Farm to meet a group of students from the Honors Program at Susan Jutz’s ZJ Farm.  While we were expecting a larger group, we want to thank the three students who made it out to the farm yesterday and accomplished some major work in the greenhouse.  Thank you Chris, Sara, and Traci!

The students also brought along a reporter, Mary Harrington, and photographer, Becky Mnuk, from the Daily Iowan, and the piece they compiled, “UI Volunteers Aid Nonprofit, Providing Organic Produce for Needy Families,” appeared in the Daily Iowan today.  You can read it online here as well as accessing the online slideshow.

While a few of the details in the story are a bit fuzzy – for instance, the DI confused Local Harvest’s deliveries per week with Local Foods Connection’s deliveries – we thank them for the interest in Local Foods Connection and ZJ Farm.  We also thank them for helping out with the weeding when they were done reporting!

Enjoy the story and the pictures.

Happy day,


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