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More LFC Client Feedback December 8, 2008

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Feedback from a Local Foods Connection Client:

The end of the growing season is often the time when our clients cash in their points for kitchen equipment. Throughout the year, our clients can earn points by participating in educational and community-building activities, such as visiting a farm or a farmer’s market to sharing their vegetables with family and friends. Each activity is worth a certain number of points – points our clients can use to shop at our small kitchenware store. For ‘sale’ in our store now are such things as strainers, pots and pans, measuring spoons, cutting boards, pitchers, a sprouter and a food processor. One of our clients recently purchased a juicer and already has positive feedback!

The mother of two children told us: Every day I make juice with carrots, celery and apples. At first my son (10 years old) said, “I will not drink it!” But I coaxed him many times, telling him that carrots and celery are good for asthma. My son suffers from severe asthma. Eventually he tried the juice and he liked it! He told me, “Mama, no more sodas in the house!” My son does not like carrots and celery in soup, so I am happy I found this way to serve him these healthy foods. He drinks a little glass every day.

I heard that celery and carrots are good for asthma. I don’t know if this is true or not. But my son is very sick and needs to take steroids. But the doctor said that steroids are too much for children, so he cannot take too many. Since he has been drinking the juice, his cough is not so bad. Maybe if he drinks the juice every day, he won’t be so sick.

You can read more testimonials from previous years on our website:



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