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LFC T-shirts, Haunted Book Sale January 19, 2009

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Caroline here.  In my last post, I blogged about the National Day of Service event we planned with Susan Jutz at ZJ Farm.  Well, when 40mph winds on Saturday night blew snow across Highway 1, Susan’s road, and into her barn, we collectively decided that we might need to plan an alternate event.  Laura talked with our good friend Nialle at Iowa City’s Haunted Bookshop, who gratefully accepted our Sunday help in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We’re grateful for the flexibility of our volunteers who were willing to change plans at the last minute.  Our volunteers, a group of students from COGS (Committee to Organize Graduate Students) at University of Iowa (UE Local 896), joined us at Haunted Bookshop yesterday to help shelve books, organize new sections, and set up the Local Foods Connection corner in the front of the store.

Huge thank yous to Nialle for the new LFC corner at the Haunted Bookshop.  Be sure to stop by their new location at 203 N. Linn St. to browse through the LFC section – paperbacks are only 50¢ and hardcovers are $1.00. All proceeds go directly to Local Foods Connection.  You can also stop by the Haunted Bookshop to pick up your very own Local Foods Connection t-shirt, designed by Babs Ratner.  Shirts are also available at Iowa City’s White Rabbit at 103 S. Linn St.

Thank you COGS, thank you Haunted Bookshop, and thank you White Rabbit!


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