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Volunteer & Sponsor of the Week November 27, 2007

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Thank you to our volunteer and sponsor of the week!

Volunteer of the Week: Monika Ratner. Monika helps in the office, and assisted with our recent Thanksgiving turkey distribution. Monika also volunteers on ZJ Farm in Solon.

Sponsor of the Week: Frieling USA. Frieling donated some gorgeous cookware from their Sitram Collection to LFC.


Laura Dowd named Finalist in “Cooperate for Community” competition!

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Congratulations are in order for Local Foods Connection’s tireless founder, Laura Dowd!

Laura was named a finalist in New Pioneer Food Co-op’s first ever “Cooperate for Community!” contest. The contest, sponsored in collaboration with the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and Frontier Natural Products Co-op, honors individuals who are working for more sustainable food in our community, while exemplifying a spirit of outstanding cooperation along the way. Laura and her co-finalist, Jennifer New from Food Adventurers, both received $100 for their favorite non-profits.

The winner of the competition is Leah Wilson of the Johnson County Local Food Alliance. In addition to receiving $200 for her favorite non-profit, Leah advanced to a national contest.

To read more about the “Cooperate for Community!” award:
Cooperate for Community Award


Client Family Education November 20, 2007

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Local Foods Connection clients have the opportunity to participate in many educational activities; the favorite is completing Food Facts Sheet quizzes. The idea behind the Food Facts Sheet quizzes is simple: regularly throughout the program period, clients receive information on specific vegetables, nutrition, healthy meal preparation and farming. Accompanying these information pamphlets is a short quiz covering the material they just learned. The clients fill out the quizzes and mail them back to our office. For each completed quiz, they earn points towards the purchase of kitchen equipment.

Sometimes the quizzes ask our clients such questions as:

“1. Name three risk factors for diabetes and prediabetes,” or

“2. True or False: Thick stems of asparagus are more tender than thin stems.”*

Occasionally they are given the chance to tell us a little about themselves, their preferences and lifestyles. Here are the responses we received to some of the open-ended quiz questions.

Local Foods Connection clients have a variety of preferences when it comes to their favorite times to eat, but many clients have one thing in common: whether they prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they enjoy eating the most when they can take the time to enjoy their food. In a recent food fact quiz, one client explained that she liked to eat at night, “Because I usually feel I have more time to prepare my meal and am more focused on preparing it. Likewise, I have more time to eat & enjoy it, having no other obligations on my time for the day,” while another client preferred breakfast for much the same reason: “I like the newness of the morning. I feel more like cooking when I’m well-rested and my tummy is well-rested too! I enjoy preparing and eating breakfast-type foods (egg dishes, fresh fruits, baked goods, fresh-brewed teas, hot cereals).” And what better versatile breakfast, lunch, or dinner food is there than the apple?

Given the arrival of fall, we figured that this was the perfect time to ask our clients about their favorite apples. Galas topped the poll, due to their “fabulous flavor.” They were described as “crisp, somewhat sweet, not mealy” and another client explained that her kids like their sweet flavor. Other apples our clients recommend are Delicious, Macoun, Winesap, and Cameo. Several clients reminded us that apples are the perfect on-the-go snack. Speaking about his favorite variety, the Macoun, one client argued that they are “exceptionally delicious for eating out-of-hand” and another suggested that Cameos are “perfect for a single-portion snack.” But apples aren’t only for enjoying raw; our clients suggested you try them “sliced and dipped into a mixture of peanut or almond butter – raisins, sunflower seeds, and honey” or, for a sweeter treat, dipped in caramel. Another option: “spread each slice with almond butter if the butter is very thick. Enjoy alternating a slice of ‘buttered’ apple with a simple cracker and a sip of lemon-flavored, unsweetened iced sparkling water. Your mouth and tummy will be very happy.”

But a happy tummy needs a happy body and, whether walking, dancing, or bicycling, LFC clients are putting those nutritious calories to work. While many of our clients prefer the low-impact and low-fuss option of walking as a favorite activity, our clients also enjoy dancing, bicycling, and, it comes as no surprise, gardening. One client even explained that her favorite activity is trampoline jumping, “Because it is fun, fun, fun and because it is a rare occasion that I get to do it.” So whatever activities you enjoy this fall, remember to take some time to enjoy the finer things while you give one of these delicious apple varieties a try.

If you’re interested, here is a link to the full survey results (in pdf format):

Food Fact Sheet Quizzes 2007

*(Answers: 1. a. 45 years of age or older, b. Overweight, c. A parent or sibling has diabetes, d. Ancestry of African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander heritage, d. You had diabetes while you were pregnant, or gave birth to a baby weighing 9 pounds or more, e. You have been told your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels are higher than normal, f. Blood pressure is 140/90 or higher.

2. False. Tenderness depends on maturity, not thickness of the stalk.)